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Have you ever been stopped in your tracks to gaze at the deep white cat With blue eyes of a four-legged whiskered creature? You have, right? We all are mesmerized by these beautiful felines with striking blue eyes. There’s a spark in those blue eyes which we cannot ignore. 

Mostly all cats are born with blue eyes but very few of them keep them permanently. From their delightful meows to defining features, we have collected the top 10 breeds of pointed and white cats with blue eyes for all cat lovers. 

Read and find out about the quirky characteristics that make them distinct from each other. Prepare to fall deep in their bright blue ocean of eyes.

1. Siamese cat

Siamese cat

The top ranker of our list of blue-eyed beauties is somewhat of a screen celebrity. Yes, it’s the iconic star from the “Lady and the Tramp,” the Siamese cat. They are the most easily recognizable breed with their bold blue eyes and white and black coats. Originated in Thailand, they are extremely elegant cats that flaunt their glossy fur along with a graceful character. They are one of the most extroverted cat breeds. Beyond the elegant looks and clean demeanor, Siamese cats are curious creatures with energetic personalities and intelligence.

No wonder they are among the high-end cat breeds. If you are one of those close cuddlers then the Siamese cat breed is the one for you. They love showing affection and can easily socialize with new people. One of their most distinct characteristics is their loud meow that can startle you in your sleep, or easily be the attention of a conversation. Their up-and-running personality makes them the most popular blue-eyed feline among people. Siamese cats can easily become the heart of a family with their striking blue eyes, friendly nature, and snuggly behavior.

2. The Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora

The next blue-eyed cat breed on our list is not just a cat but a historic creature. With snow-white fur and gemstone eyes, the Turkish Angora is a thousand-year-old breed. Legends describe them as god’s companions with gleaming eyes that hold all the celestial secrets. Pretty cool right? The Turkish Angora is winning people’s hearts all around with its stunning blue eyes.

A few of the Turkish Angora show heterochromia which means there one eye is blue and the other is a shade of green or amber. This two-colored variation enhances their mystical aura. It is a famous breed of white cat with blue eyes with a lively personality. They are a hit with children and love to play with new, engaging toys. They don’t sit in one place, always leaping and jumping to find new things to explore. Scratching posts are an excellent play toy for them to play. It will also keep their paws off your furniture. Whether you prefer a white cat with blue eyes or a grey cat, Turkish Angora is a keeper with its glorious appearance and warm nature.

3. Ragdolls


The next breed of cat we have is a grey cat with blue eyes that is a result of a curious mind. Ann Baker, a Persian cat breeder created Ragdoll by breeding an unknown, white, long-haired breed with cats she owned. This unknown breed was a wild cat but looked similar to a Turkish Angora.

It eventually resulted in Ragdoll which is now one of our favorite blue-eyed felines. This absolute blue-eyed beauty has a comfortable and calm personality. Ragdolls give a soft feeling to their owner which makes them a perfect pet for families. They love their humans and can spend the whole afternoon snoozing in their lap. Playtime is their favorite time of the day. Just like their name suggests, Ragdolls go into a relaxed position when they are picked up. This shows they do not have any worry in the world and are just here to fit perfectly in your lap and cuddle all day.

4. Balinese cat

Balinese cat

The Balinese cat breed is a product of a genetic mutation process and is incredible just like others. It originated in the United States of America and belongs to the Siamese cat heritage. This is why some people mistake them for a long-haired Siamese cat. However, their fur is more flowy as compared to their Siamese siblings and has a sharper black-and-white color pattern. Mixed with their pattern and fur, their beautiful blue eyes are also a prominent feature which makes them one of the rarest cat breeds in the world. They are extremely quick to pick up their surroundings making them perfect for adults, kids, and old people. They are a fantastic blend of energetic and relaxed as they need their alone time as well as their share of love and cuddles. With sharp minds and friendly nature, Balinese cats can easily become a huge part of anyone’s family.

5. Snowshoe


Next on our list is the Snowshoe breed, which is not a highbrow breed but deserves much more recognition. They have snowy, white paws that give them their unique name. This breed is also quite similar to Siamese cats which is why it is unpopular among people. They have a smokey fur of white, black, and brown that gives them an unusual look. Along with these rare fur colors, they have captivating blue eyes that make them visually charming. Similarly, like Siamese cats, they are quite vocal and meow their way to your lap. With animated meows and purrs, Snowshoe is an interactive breed of white cat with blue eyes that is ideal for warm families.

6. Tonkinese


Despite being a charming blend of fun, excitement, and mischievousness, the Tonkinese cats are often overlooked by other feline breeds. They are a cross between fluffy Burmese and the elegant Siamese and have a perfect balance of both their energies. They have shiny brown fur with vivid blue eyes. Their unique lineage makes them different from all other cats as they have the best of both worlds. Cat lovers think that Tonkinese originated in Asia as the first known Tonkinese was found in 1930 called Wong Mau. They are extremely extroverted and have a passion for interactive toys and puzzles. They love huge families and are friendly even with new friends. However, they are also known for their independence and can easily be entertained while being alone. 

7. Birman


The Birman cat is a stunning breed of white and grey cat with blue eyes. It is also known as the “sacred cate of Burma”. With its opulent long hair and vivid, bold blue eyes, this breed is characterized by its unique color and white mitten paws. Even with other colors, the distinct white paws are a must. Birmans have a kind and calm nature with a hidden nervous side which can easily transform into a bouncy state when the situation asks for it. They are much quieter as compared to their talkative relatives such as Balinese. Birmans do require regular grooming with brushing sessions to reduce shedding and mat development. This allows them to keep their sleek look and improves their health. Birmans are a lovely breed that gives love and affection without overpowering you.

8. Javanese


One of the most zesty and lively white cat breeds with blue eyes is the Javanese cat. They have long, silky white fur that feels like luscious velvet. With calm ocean-like blue eyes, this breed lacks an undercoat, their smooth fur clings to their body giving them a clean and refined look. With an energetic personality, they require lots of toys and puzzles as they really love to play. You are going to need scratching posts and shelves to keep them occupied. Even though they are independent and love to play within themselves, they also need human affection. Javanese cats are perfect for people who are looking for an intelligent, interesting, and bouncy little whisker friend. With it, every day will be enjoyable whether it’s a chase of a fishing pole or a nap on the couch.

9. Turkish Van

Turkish Van

From the rough but scenic areas of Lake Van in Turkey, the Turkish Van is an ancient and one of the most unique white cat breeds with blue eyes. Its body is entirely white with color patches on its head and tail that make it distinguish itself from other breeds.

Some Turkish Vans have dramatic blue eyes whereas others have gold or amber eyes. Some of them also have fascinating heterochromia with one blue and one amber eye. They are strong and active and are known to be the athletes of the world of cats. Don’t be surprised if you often find them near the swimming pool as they love swimming. They also love creating new bonds with people and keeping them all their nine lives. They are outgoing and social but also keep their independent demeanor, it’s a cat after all. Turkish Van is great for people looking for an active and dynamic pet.

10. Khao Manee

Khao Manee

Bred by royalty in Thailand, Khao Manee is a white cat with blue eyes known as the “white Gem”. They are a historic breed and are recognized by their pure, smooth white coat with remarkable blue eyes that engulf you. Although some of them have heterochromia that enhances their visual appeal. They are extroverts and can become anybody’s friends. They know they are majestic beings and love to be the center of attention. People with kids can keep Khao Manee as a pet easily. They know how to communicate well and can express their needs quite comfortably with their eyes or voice. Khao Manee creates strong bonds with their owner and becomes protective of them very soon. They are also perceptive and clever but bring only affection and love to any family that keeps them.


From rare breeds like ragdolls to zesty Javanese, various white cats with blue eyes have captured the hearts of people all around the world. But choosing a cat with just blue eyes can be a wrong move. Our complete list of cats with blue eyes is perfect for you as it will provide you with exclusive details about all these breeds. You can choose any of them that complements your personality and lifestyle.

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