Ragdoll Cat Personality, Traits, And Their Care

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Know everything about ragdoll cats, before getting this cat breed and becoming an owner, know about their personality, and other characteristics.

The Ragdoll Cat breed is large, but don’t get affected by their size because they are so easy to handle & so loveable. Their blue eyes are the main reason why people love them & keep them in their homes to pet them. They are known as ideal lap cats, they like to cuddle a lot with their owners or whoever they feel comfortable with. One more fact about the ragdoll cat personality is that they can socialize with strangers too. When you have your friends come over to your house it is not a big deal for a ragdoll cat to be comfortable with them.

Keep reading this article to learn more about ragdoll’s characteristics, traits, And healthcare.

Ragdoll Personality Traits

Ragdoll cats are famous for their different personality from other cat breeds. They enjoy the company of the people & you can often see them walking around their owners. These cats are quite gentle, loyal, and confident, and on top of all this, they are very sociable. As they are so loyal to their owner, ragdoll like to be around them and tries to sit on their lap and cuddle every time they get a slight chance of that.

Unlike the other cat breeds, they like to cuddle and be held. They are not aggressive & defensive towards people. Instead, their calm & loveable personalities make people catch their attention in the second. They barely use their claws and are quite patient which makes them family-friendly and suitable for children also.

Characteristics Of Ragdoll Cat 

Several ragdoll cat characteristics make them unique from other cat breeds. Their large muscular bodies, with semi-longhair fur, are soft & silky. These cat’s coats come in various colors, and patterns, including bicolor, color prints, and mitts. Also, we cannot forget the main reason why they are famous. It’s because of their striking blue eyes.

One of the most notable characteristics of ragdoll cats is that they have an obedient temperament. They are not exposed to devastating behavior & they are quite easygoing.

Ragdoll Cat Care  

Taking care of this breed is quite simple and easy. As a ragdoll cat personality is very easy to handle which makes taking care of them quite easier.


The grooming is not hard as well in their cases. Trim their nails regularly & also check their ears. If there is wax build-up in their ears, then simply clean it with the help of a damp soft towel or use cotton balls. They shed throughout the year, but the amount of shedding is not heavy anyway. Untangle their hairs at least twice a week to prevent less shedding. During some seasons of the year when shed more than usual try to brush their hair more often in a week. 


Ragdoll requires frequent exercise to stay healthy and also to control their weight. Exercising in the form of playing is good for them as they are large. So there are chances they can easily gain weight. You can keep them busy with toys that replicate their prey including feather wands and tennis ball or laser pointer. Giving them access to climb a tree and digging posts can also help them fulfill their inherent desires.


High-quality food whether dry or wet according to your availability is suitable for them. You need to maintain a balanced diet for your ragdoll cats. It is one of the ragdoll cats characteristics that they only like to drink fresh water. Their food should contain all the important nutrients. Make sure to give them enough portions that are needed as their daily meal. Make sure they don’t overeat which leads to growing unnecessary weight.

Health care

Regular veterinarian checkups are important for ragdoll cats. To maintain their health you need to keep an eye on their health and it is easy to do so. As the ragdoll cat personality trait, he enjoys being around his owner, which makes more easier for you to keep checking their health. Vaccinations, tick prevention, and dental appointments are the important aspects of their health care. They are generally healthy but can be inclined to genetic health issues.

Ragdoll Mixed Cats  

The results of ragdoll cat breeding with another cat breed are called ragdoll mix cats. They can inherit traits & personalities from both of their parent’s breeds. Which leads to a variety of different appearances & personalities. While they don’t look like pure ragdoll-bred and look like ragdoll mix cats. There are some possibilities that they have inherited the same desirable traits which associated with ragdoll cats. 

The appearance of mixed ragdoll cats can vary widely. Some may inherit the same features as other parents or some may have blue eyes, and silky fur longhairs like ragdoll cat characteristics. Their personalities can also vary some get the other parent’s personality and some of them might get the ragdoll cat personality.


Whether you choose a purebred ragdoll cat or a mixed ragdoll cat, it’s your choice. You will get a loving and obedient cat in both cases. The mixed cats can get the pure ragdoll cat personality, the possibilities are endless. Understanding both breeds’ characteristics can help you to provide the best care.


How often should a ragdoll cat be groomed?

They should be groomed at least twice a week to prevent matting & control shedding. Their nail-cutting should be done weekly & their ears should be cleaned regularly.

What health issues are common in ragdoll cats?

These cats are generally healthy but prone to some genetic conditions, such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). Veterinarian checkups & health screenings are important to identify any health issues early.

What are the common characteristics of ragdoll cats?

Ragdoll cats are known for their large muscular bodies and their beautiful blue eyes. The silky long hairs are also one of the distinctive characteristics of them. They are calm and with training they can easily be a good family and children-friendly pets.

What is the temperament of a ragdoll cat?

They have a very relaxed nature, they like to be around their owner. Also, they behave well with strangers too, once they feel comfortable around them. They like to sit in the lap, and get the love of their owner.

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